Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas t-shirts for Thom

They WERE going to be a present, but Thom caught me sewing them!! He likes them, though, which is all that matters!!

Here they are (I didn't make the t-shirt, I just machine embroidered around the cut out shapes).

I'm most happy with the teddy one. There was one disaster though and one t-shirt sadly ended up in the bin :-(

**disclaimer - they need an iron!**

Monday, December 10, 2007

Rory the Lion

My little guy is going to find a new friend for him under the Christmas tree this year! I'm making him a lion from a Simplicity pattern 4222. The best thing is I've been able to find some left over fleece in my material stash so he's very inexpensive to make.

I'll get some photos up soon, but here are some photos from the pattern slip.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas craft interrupting knitting!

I've really been looking forward to Christmas this year since it will be the first that Thom will really understand what's going on. Thom will be 2 in February and is really noticing all of the decorations etc that are around. He enjoys looking at the decorations on our tree and finds the santa and bear decoration straight away.

To make this Christmas special for Thom, I've been spending some time doing some craft to make our home look festive!

Here are some photos -

Mr and Mrs Claus panel that I'm making into a wall hanging.

The bells that I've added to the panel :)

Close up of the fabric of a tree skirt that I'm making. I'll put a photo of the finished product up once I've sewn on the braid.

I've also been busy working on a cross stitch for my mother in law, and of course knitting the jackets for Thom and Shan and Rose's little people!

We apologise for your break in transmission...

If you've followed a link from a user's profile on EB and you've found yourself here, be assured that user is not me. I suspect I know which sad individual it is.

On EB I am GlindaTheGoodWitch and have taken the link out of my profile.

Now back to our regular program!