Monday, October 01, 2007

From me to you :)

Thom's jacket is coming along nicely. I've done both sleeves, the back panel and I'm up to the raglan shaping on the front left panel. Then all I need to do is the front right, the collar and sew it up! I'm absolutely chuffed with it.

It seems that two of my online friends were chuffed with it much so that I'm knitting coats for their kiddies! And the best part is that I get to knit for one little boy and two little girls. That means I get to knit pink! woohoo! It'll be a fun change from all of the blues that I usually knit with. Little J and Little L will get a lovely double breasted coat each in this wool:


And little Mr D is getting a double breasted coat in this wool:


And last but not least, Miss L is getting this hoodie in these colours:

"Magnolia" & "Woodrose"