Thursday, June 28, 2007

My next large project....

Once I get my pal's tote mailed off I'm going to embark on my next big project - and the wool is already on it's way!

Ever since Mon and I first started talking about knitting, we both drooled over
this pattern for our little people. As soon as I saw it was ribbing I decided against it but since, now, I've tackled a few things knitting wise, I'm confident enough to try it. I did start that vest for Thomas but it was just a disaster. The sizing was all wrong despite following a pattern from Sweater Wizard. Thom is pretty tall and the vest ended up being too short, despite adding length to it. But I did come away from that project understanding the basics of knitting a vest so I'll be able to tackle another one when the mood takes me.


I have some
Classic Wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills in "Chilli" on it's way for Thom's Vestee Jumper and I have some Classic Wool in Tuscan on it's way for this pullover for me.

I'm really looking forward to getting started on them soon!

A simple baby hat for Thom

Here is the hat for Thom - modelled by me :-P

It's made from Rustic Wool in Damson from Bendigo Woollen Mills .

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I am such a chuffed craftymummy this morning!

In under 24 hours I have achieved 2 great knitting feats for myself!

1. I completed a hat for Thom in the correct gauge and it fits! (yet to add a pompom and knitted stars)

2. I taught myself how to do magic loop!

And to think I thought knitting a hat was a major project! hehe

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fancy felted tote Mark II

Here are some progress shots of my little tote (1/4 the size of the big one) that I felted today. I love it!

It's made from Rustic Wool in Damson from Bendigo Woollen Mills

Look, I know this is a knitting blog...

but, my GOSH, how much of a spunk is my little man!?

Monday, June 25, 2007

This is definitely my bag baby!

I've enjoyed knitting my pal's tote so much that I've begun one of my own with a ball of wool I have left over. It's a lovely purple colour (with flecks of blue and red if you look closely) and is going to be a quarter of the size of my pal's tote.

I went to Spotlight today (20% off sale - woohoo!) and bought some lovely quilters material to line my pal's tote with and some to line mine with.

Here are some piccies.

Lining for my pal's tote:

Lining for my bag and a progress shot:

I'm having a felting good time!

The bag felted up BEAUTIFULLY and I'm having a ball with the embroidery.

I initially had a different embellishment idea but the creative juices have been flowing and the embroidery is evolving really nicely. I absolutely love the bag and it will be sad to give it away! I guess I'll just have to make myself one ;-)

Here are some photos of the embroidering so far - you can see the felting in them. I've tried to include some Australian flowers like the bottle brush (thhe bright red one) and the wattle (the yellow spikey one). I still have more to do but wanted to show what I've come up with so far.I've also decided to line the bag to hide the embroidery stitches inside and to also give the bag even more stability.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yay me!!!

Dear ITE IV pal ;-)

Your tote is now felted and I am rather chuffed with myself hehehe.

Forgive the bad photos but here are a few for you. (the first 2 are before felting)

Now I'll begin on the embellishments....this is the part I'm REALLY looking forward to!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

One inch to go!

I've been madly knitting of a night time once Master T is in bed (and on and off during the day when I can) so it shouldn't have been a surprise when I measured the progress on my tote this morning and found I have knitted 25 inches. That means one more to go!! Then I knit the handles and I can felt the tote. Then I get on to the fun stuff - the embellishments. Yay!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

ITEIV Tote progress

My ITEIV tote is coming along nicely.
I've knitted 13inches...only another 13 to go! haha! It's reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally easy knitting which is great. I'm trying to go super fast (thank goodness for continental knitting!) so that I can spend the drying time after felting to really concentrate on the embellishments. It's winter here in Australia so I expect the tote to take a while to try.

I wish my scanner was working because I could scan in a picture (from one of my knitting books) of the embellishments I want to do. I might try and see if I can get a decent photo of it.

(Oh and there is Rosie staying warm next to me as I knit!)
Here are some ideas for embellishments. Hmmm which one to choose? ;-)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Plummy goodness

Here is a lovely ball of Merino 8ply DK from The Knittery and a pom-pom maker that I received today in the mail!

I plan to make this scarf for my mum for her 55th birthday. I hope I get it done on time and she loves the colours as much as I do!! I actually think I should have enough over to make myself one ;-)

Rip it Rip it!

Almost immediately after I posted my photos last night I had a good hard look at the tote and decided I didn't like something about it! LOL So I frogged it back to a certain spot and I'm beginning again from that point. Am I a glutton for punishement or WHAT? hehe

I also found some inspiration online for a different kind of embellishment ;)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tote Progress

Photos as promised :)

Let the knitting begin!!

My wool FINALLY arrived and I've started knitting! YAY!This wool is a pleasure to knit and my 6.5mm addi turbos are a DREAM!

I got the wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills and I'm using Rustic in Bluestone and Mariner with some Damson on the way. I've also thrown some other 100% wool into the mix in cream, rainbow and dusky pink for a bit of colour. My pal is bright and friendly and I'm aiming for a bag to suit her personality.

The blues are lovely but on their own I decided they were a little too dreary.The knitting is eeeeeeeeeeasy knitting and it leaves me a lot of brain power to constantly change my mind about the embellishments I plan to do. I'm also REALLY motivated to make myself a bag once I've finished this one.

I'll get some photos up tonight :-D

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mr T's vest doesn't quite measure up

That'll teach me for not measuring Thom before I knit him a vest. Grrrr. I've just followed the pattern with blind faith and haven't taken into account that Thom is quite tall. His torso is longer than the vest so I need to extend it. Trouble is I've already cast off the back and the shoulder seams. Grrr again!!!

Never fear...I'm going to pick up some stitches along the seams (a la photos) and hopefully it will work out ok. Worst case scenario is that I'll have to place a couple of little cute buttons to cover the shoulder seams but I think it should be ok. By the time I put the ribbing around the neck and arm holes it should look great.

I LOVE this wool. I got it from Canberra. It's hand painted Bendigo Wool.

Technical help!


My progress bars at the right of the page have stuffed up for some reason and I can't remember where I initially got the code for them.

Can anyone help??!?!

Mr T's vest is nearly finished

I must upload some photos when I get a chance.

The little v-neck vest I'm knitting for Thom is nearly finished and I am SO happy with it. Initially I started it and the ribbing (k1, p1) was really sloppy as I was purling using the continental method. That's not to say that ALL purling using that method is sloppy - just mine! So I undid it, changed to k2, p2 ribbing, knitted using the continental method and "threw" the purl stitches and it's much neater. When I came to the neck shaping I got rather confused by the pattern but with a little help from my other half I worked it out and it's going great guns. I'm just shaping the neck now, I'm almost ready to sew the shoulders together and then it will just be some ribbing for the neck and armholes and I'll be ready to try it on Thom!

I'm really proud of this feels like my first proper "grown up" project

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Here woolly woolly woolly woolly!

I'm still waiting (somewhat impatiently) for my Bendigo Wool to arrive so I can begin knitting Judy's (hi Judy!) bag.

I'm lucky to have a lovely pal to knit a bag for and despite my secret squirrel attempts, Judy has worked out who I am! lol I guess it's not hard when there's only a handful of us aussies in the IV ITE.

I'll post photos as I go, but they'll have to be sneaky secret squirrel ones so that they don't give away (to Judy :-P) exactly what the "bag" looks like.

Pretty picot photos MIA

Even though I spent a bit of time last night blogging and fiddling with the layout and adding photos and typing away, I've just realised I haven't actually added a proper progress shot of the picot edge socks. Der! The photos that are there are kind of cool, they just don't show the whole sock. I say it againl...der!!

I'll get one on by tonight ;-)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pretty Picot Socks - progress report

I'm looooooooooooving knitting these socks. Firstly because I adore the baby addis (3mm, 30cm) that I get to use, secondly because I love seeing the colour of the yarn come together and because the pattern (which is easy to follow) just comes together so well and the effects it makes always has me oohing and aahing. I love the texture of the heel in particular. I hope the photos show the detail enough.

I got the pattern from here and wanted to add it here for anyone who would like to try them. Go on!

Yarn 4 ply sock yarn, 100grams (?); Ribbon to thread through eyelets
Ndls: 3mm DPNs (US 3) or 3mm 30cm circs.

Measurements are for an average size with a foot length of 24cm (9.5in)
Tension 7 sts and 10 rows = 1" (St st in the rnd)


Using 3mm ndles, CO 60 sts and join.
Facing K 6 rnds
Picot edge *K2tog, yo; rep from * to end of rnd.
K 6 rnds… 13 rnds.

Attach facing Fold facing along picot edge to inside of sock and attach as folls: Pick up the edge of the first CO st and knit this tog with the first st on the ndle. Cont to end of rnd.

Next rnd P
Eyelet rnd *YO, k2tog; rep from * to end
Next rnd P
K in rnds until work meas a total of 24cm (adjust length here if desired).

Heel... 30sts

Row 1 (RS) *Sl 1, K1*
Row 2 Sl 1, P29
Rep these 2 rnds until heel meas 6cm ending with with RS row facing

Turn heel

Row 1 (RS) Sl 1, K16, K2tog tbl, K1, turn
Row 2 Sl 1, P5, P2tog, P1, turn
Row 3 Sl 1, K6, K2tog tbl, K1, turn
Row 4 Sl 1, P7, P2tog, P1, turn
Row 5 Sl 1, K8, K2tog tbl, K1, turn

Cont working 1 more st until all sts have been worked.

Next row Sl 1, K across

Pick up 15 gusset sts per side


Rnd 1 N1 K to last 3 sts, K 2tog K1; N2 K; N3 K1, SSK, K to end
Rnd 2 K
Rep rnds 1 and 2 until 60 sts rem

Cont without dec to toe

Star toe
Rnd 1 * K2, P1, K to last 2 sts on ndle, P2tog *
Rnd 2 K
Rnd 3 * K3, P1, K to last 2 sts on ndle, P2tog *
Rnd 4 K
Rnd 5 * K4, P1, K to last 2 sts on ndle, P2tog *
Rnd 6 K
Rnd 7 * K5, P1, k to last 2 sts on ndle, P2tog *
Rnd 8 K
Rnd 9 * K6, P1, K to last 2 sts on ndle, P2tog *
Rnd 10 K
Rnd 11 * K7, P1, K to last 2 sts on ndle, P2tog *
Rnd 12 K
Rnd 13 * K to last 2 sts on ndle, P2tog *
Rep last rnd until 8 sts rem

Finishing Break yarn leaving a 21cm tail. Thread tail through rem sts, pull tight and fasten off. Weave in ends. Steam block lightly.