Saturday, April 28, 2007

Knitted headband with crocheted flower

This is a headband that I intended to be a birthday present for a friend's 8 year old daughter. Since the wool is so chunky (Lionbrand chenille) it knitted up really thick so it ended up too big for an 8 year old's head. Woops!

The up side though is that I scored the first attempt for myself. I'll wear it as an ear muff in winter though (a hat alternative) because it really is to thick to wear as a headband with my short hair.

I also made a crocheted flower and will make it detachable.

It's MY blankie Mummy!

I love crocheted, homemade blankets on the bed in winter. I've never knitted one though!

This one I'm doing at the moment is out of chenille yarn that is super chunky and I'm using 10mm wool. I'm using cream and dusty pink as the colours and one ball of wool knits one square!! I think it'll turn into an expensive project but it'll be a lush blanket when I'm finished.

Rosie (my cat) crawled under one of the squares tonight as I was knitting. It's just her size!

So far I've only done 1 and a half squares (ha!) but it's knitting up so so quickly.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Past projects

Here are a few soakers that I made in the past.

The first one I used 100% hand dyed wool from Susanne's House of Wool (on ozebaby). I used the Ottobre pattern ( ) . I adapted it as I went so that it had a higher rise and was wider through the crotch. It's not my most fantastic work (it's shaped rather oddly) but it really does the job despite being a finer ply.

The second is a little newborn soaker that I made for my friend's baby. I also used the ottobre pattern and embroidered some snowflakes.

The last one is also the ottobre pattern and some 12ply hand painted wool I used. I've actually decided to unravel it because it's too girly for my boy!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The importance of knitting a gauge swatch

I made this hat wanting it to match Thom's Turtley Doodlepants. DOES match but it fits me! It looks ok on Thom, but it's more a beret on him than a hat. Oh well! This was my lesson in the importance of knitting a gauge swatch!

It's not entirely finished...I need to embroider the head, feet and tail on to the turtle.

I used 5mm circular needles and Cleckheaton "Jet" wool (alpaca/wool blend).

Blue longies for my blue-eyed beauty

I absolutely LOVE these longies.

The blue pair are a pair I just finished today. It was my second attempt at the Aubrey Doodlepants pattern ( ) and I'm a lot happier with them. These ones have garter stitch cuffs and rather than a crocheted cord in the waist ribbing I've inserted millinery elastic. I also extended the length of the legs hoping that they would last Thomas longer. I used 5mm circular needles and a hand dyed yarn from Benambra Blue on ozebaby ( The yarn is a silk/merino blend and was a dream to knit with.

Fluffy "jumpie"

I'm making a leap into what I think of as "proper knitting". I know the pants I knit are hard enough but this jumper I'm knitting for Thom is a little more complicated that anything I've done before and I'm determined to finish it well!
By the time it is finished it will have a cute hood and hopefully some cute wooden buttons (I'm yet to find some I'm happy with).
I'm not using wool for's Moda Vera yarn from Spotlight and it's an absolute devil to knit with. Because it's fluffy, it's hard to actually see the stitches so when I drop a stitch, all hell breaks loose!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

I woolly woolly like to knit

Knitting is my latest "thing". Before this it was sewing cloth nappies, so knitting nappy covers (soakers and longies to use the correct lingo) is along the same line!

First I started knitting things with mass produced standard "shop bought" wool and then I discovered that there was such a wonderous thing as handpainted wool. Next, the world of dyeing my wool is about to open up to me!

I have two friends who are just as obssessed with woolly nice wool as me (their blogs are in my links) and we get together for a gassbag, yummy dinner and some knitting (if we stop talking for long enough!). old blog is at but this one is woolly nice and much better ;-)